Thursday, December 31, 2009


It is time to recall what happened this year as today is the last day of last month of this year...This year rewritten histories in all fields - Cinema, Sports, Science, Politics etc. Let's look back why we won't be able forget this year...

Cinema 09 first take us to think about "Jai Ho", A R Rahman becoming the first Indian to get an Oscar. Tamil Cineworld lost a good actor Nagesh. Some wonderful movies like Kancheevaram, 2012 came into views. In sports Sachin stepped into his 20th year in International Cricket, Some splendid innings by Sehwag making India No.1 in Test Cricket, Usain Bolt proving himself as the fastest man again crossing 200 metres in 19.19 seconds, Pakistan lifting up T20 World Cup, were amazing. This year India got its first Nobel Prize in Chemistry with the research on ribosomes by Venkataraman Ramakrishnan.
Barack Obama became the first Black to become US president rewritten White House History.
This year gave us some bitter experiences too. M J 's death made the whole pop world dip in tears. Andra Pradesh politics became worst with the death of YSR and the burning Telengana issue. Sri Lanka's act upon the Tamils and LTTE made the world turn to the little island.
Anyway this year gave me a lot personal experiences which are mostly good ones... Bid adieu to 2009... Welcome 2010...
Wish you Happy New Year friends...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

5 years since...

It crossed 5 years since when the giant waves redrawn the maps of India and Srilanka. Pray for the 230,000 souls to rest in peace...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Qian Hongyan

You might wonder how human spirit is at its maximum, when you just read Qian's story. Qian Hongyan was only 3 years old when she met that tragic accident which resulted in amputating her legs to ensure her survival. Her family was not able to afford modern prosthetics and instead used half a basketball to move. Once on the ball she uses two wooden props to help her move around. This little chinese girl used to attend her classes with basketball and one special thing about her is she always smiles...

She has inspired millions over the world recently with the ambition to compete as a swimmer in 2012 paralympics. Qian swims about 2000 meters a day and trains really hard.“Qian Hongyan studies hard. She never grouches in training although she was confronted with many difficulties at the beginning, ” her coach said. She has got a pair of prosthetic legs but still says she likes to use the basketball from time to time as it is easier for her to get in and out of the pool with.

With her ambition she shows the world the strength of positive thoughts and the message her life gives us is BE GRATEFUL WITH WHAT WE HAVE...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The 65th Art

At times when I travel in train, to my home-unreserved-it gives me some special experience.

Getting seat in a crowded train is an art, especially in festival times like Diwali, you should be in station at least one and a half hour earlier to the departure time, you should stand in queue, you should stand inside train till you are able to grab a seat, you need to talk to somebody so that they would give you a little space to sit. Even after getting seat you will feel some troubles-you wont be able to even stretch your legs.
This time I was more cautious that I reached Egmore Station at 15.40 for my train starting at 17.00(remember friends we are talking about trains so railway time is given), still I was not able to get a window seat(ya... window seat is more preferable during long journeys especially when we did not reserve... you can get some cool air in a sweat stenched unreserved compartment). Train started... Two hours had gone as the train was moving at its own speed, my eyes were closed and my mind was in a futuristic dream about diwali... Sudden yelling from my right woke me up, One man-probably aged between 50 and 60-was about to break a young guy's neck-that young guy did not retreat. They were fighting for an international issue of not getting enough place to sit(their act was like world war), bashing to each other, disturbing other novices'-as me- sleep. They were non-stop for half an hour. I lost my dozing eyes for next three hours. Started listening to ARR songs. I had to talk to my neighbour to kill time as my battery was down in one hour. He was a Srilankan Tamilan, had a newspaper stating "Indonesian navy has caught 260 illegal immigrants to Australia". He started telling about the experiences he got in Srilanka for the past 3 years and how he arrived India. When he ended his story it was 2.30 and I started having my second innings towards my dreams. This time I woke up when I heard Manamadurai-nearby station-had arrived. And my last part of this diwali journey ended with a lost ticket that was not taken care by the checker...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do not 'Forward'

Dividing people in name of States has become the effective weapon in today's Indian politics, especially in Tamil Nadu. Before independence the British used the religions to divide us, but now the political parties are using the Regional issues to make themself survive in politics.

More than 10000 tamil speaking people were killed in Srilanka. Yes, that's true. But what is it going to do with the death of the efficient leader YSR?? I received a SMS on wednesday - "No care to the death of 10000 tamizhan, But holiday for an other state person death. Wake up Tamizha... Send this to all veera thamizhans". This shows the real impact of Regionalism in youth's minds. During the election period all the parties USED this for their own benefits, intruding the Tamilans to think like the SMS above, making them even to forget about the death of a skillful CM. All I want to say is even if you receive such messages or mails, please do not forward it to any... Wake up INDIANS...

Sare Jahan Se Achha, Hindustan Hamara...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Alexey Maresyev - the Real Man

You might have not heard about this name - Alexey Maresyev -, but once you know his lifestory and self-confidence, you will say "Yeah, He is a REAL MAN".

Alexey was born in Kamyshin in 1916, began his flights as a fighter pilot in 1941. He shot down two German Aircrafts, though he was caught by Nazi Germany. Later escaping from the Prussians he crawled back to a Soviet village. Due to heavy injury 'both his legs' had to be amputated below his knees. All his friends thought his career as a pilot had become to end. But there comes the twist in his life.... Being more confident and using the help from friends he practiced to walk, run and even dance with his prosthetic wooden legs. Returning back to flying in 1943, he started his count with three German 'FW-190'-the most trusted German Flights. In total he completed 86 combat flights and downed 11 war planes.

Later he was awarded with the Order of Lenin, Order of October Revolution, Order of Red Star and the highest military declaration of USSR-"Hero of the Soviet Union".

Yes, it is cent percent correct to call him as a REAL MAN, as by the great Soviet writer Boris Polevoy.

A Real Man is the one who never fears about the past failures and future troubles. He lives the present with the effort as much as he can give. Of course I too want to be a Real Man.

Choosing role model is the one helping to get improved both in thoughts and actions. I've chosen Alexey as mine after reading his confident nature.

"I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn't fall down"
-Allen H. Neuharth

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Racism in Australia - a sorry state

Saurabh Sharma, a 21 year old Indian Student, was the first man attacked by Australian Racists... Sourabh says the group that beat him shouted slogans demanding that Indian students should go home.

The very first reason for the students to study in abroad is concerned with popularity of the institutions and the very first reason for them to select certain country is demanded by the safety. Most of the Indians have Russia, UK, USA and Australia as their higher studies choice but now Racists have made Aus as an unsafety nation to students.

Affected Saurabh still says"They were still bashing me even after taking all the stuff. The way they were bashing me was cruel". Indian community leaders believe they are race based attacks and they say that over the past 12 months over 70 Indians have been assaulted in Melbourne.
"It's not limited to students even middle-aged people have been bashed, couples have been bashed, girls have been bashed," said Indian community spokesperson Nitin Gupta.
These brutalities should not be seeded in young minds. For that all the Aussies who are against Racism should join with the Indian to stop Racism in Australia and make it as a country known for safety to the foreigners...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Federer in France at last

Finally Federer has done it... Roger Federer was not only playing Robin Soderling at Roland Garros on Sunday. He was also playing Pete Sampras, Rod Laver and even Bjorn Borg, who was watching from right behind the baseline. Federer sank to his knees on the red clay and bowed his head. Finally. He won the one major championship that had eluded him and he tied Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slam championships.

Just two months ago we watched Federer mangle his racket in an uncharacteristic display of frustration at the Sony Ericsson Open. Another loss and more declarations that Federer was finished, surpassed by Rafael Nadal, who had beaten him in the epic 2008 Wimbledon final and supplanted him at No. 1 after a 4 ½-year reign.

But now he has shown that he is holding his game and took place on the shortlist that he is the sixth man to win all four Grandslam tournaments...

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Second largest City of Pakistan - Garden of Mughals - LAHORE is now under blame........ This time the bullets of terrors killed international cricket....... Sri Lankan players were aimed at the same place, where they beat the Giant Australia to bag the 1996 world cup. 8 policemen killed and 6 cricketers were injured. Governor of Punjab province of Pakistan Salman Taseer says that 3/3 attacks have some similarities with 26/11 attacks. Terrorists involved were in same age bracket and weapons used are similar in both attacks. My dear Friends, Let's pray for the casualities and international Cricket.