Monday, October 11, 2010

Wake up folks...

I received this image in a mail...... I am not sure how true it is, but don't you think we lost our self esteem by preferring alien culture to our native??? 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enthiran (film)

No exaggerated hero introduction, No extravagant first song. It is all a Shanky's than a Rajinikanth movie. I personally felt like watching a Cameron plus Spielberg stuff in Tamil. I hope no one would have missed it, yet as it has to be a movie review I'm adding the plot here. Dr.Vaseegaran, a robotics expertized professor spends his time and effort (even avoiding his girlfriend Sana) to make an andro-humanoid robot and names it as Chitti. He wants to help the Indian Army by replacing infantry by Chitti like robots and for that purpose takes the robot to AIRD evaluation which was headed by Dr.Bohra where Chitti was rejected for not having emotions and feelings. Vaseegaran works on Chitti by using artificial hormone simulation gives him all human feelings which in turn makes Chitti fall love with Sana. Knowing this Vaseegaran gets angry and dismantles Chitti and throws him in garbage. Dr.Bohra, being sold himself to European Weapon dealers brings back Chitti's life and inserts a Red Chip with destructive programs. Chitti being more powerful than ever creates many robot similar to him and kills Dr.Bohra who opposes it. Chitti and other robots capture the AIRD building and abduct Sana. Chitti forces her to marry him. The story goes on like how Dr.Vaseegaran defeats the robots and saves his lover Sana.

Rajinikanth has shown his grace in style for the Robot character. Some 'I Want to Whistle' like moments(though i could do it only like King Julian) are
  • Robot walking like Superstar in the first scene.
  • Chitti giving answers for the questions asked in the Robotic Conference.  
  • Vaseegaran and Chitti hugging as Chitti declares God's existence in his creator Vaseegaran.
  • Chitti version 2.0 calling Vaseegaran as 'Black Sheep'
  • Chitti version 2.0 explaining about Robo-Sepians to Sana.
  • Touching climax dialogues by Chitti.
Although it was a nice movie, some of the scenes were really irritating and could have been avoided. The mosquito scene and Kalabavan mani appearance scenes were unnecessary. Pre-Climax scenes were very lengthy and could have been shorted.
Coming to other departments Music was done exceptionally well by ARR. No better words can describe the way CG had been done. Once again hats off to Shankar and team..:) and watch the movie only in Theatres...;)