Saturday, December 31, 2011

Au revoir 2011, Welcome 2012

The Year 2011 ends tonight and a new year 2012 is about to born, and as since time immemorial it is a custom to take new resolutions to keep up for each year, I had decided to take some. To be genuine, I don’t really know whether I would be able to keep up with them, but I will try my best to avoid breaking them intentionally. Here they go…
1.Post regularly : This will be the first resolution that any budding blogger would take. This year I would post at least  three post a month, in total 36 posts minimum for 2012.
2.Eat properly : This may look a bit silly, but everytime I go home, the first thing my mom notices is that I don’t eat on a regular basis. To be proper, I have to keep up time and I know how hard it is for an hostel student to keep up time. Still I will try to do it, hopefully 2012 does not betray me in this one.
3.No Lies : Even more harder, not to lie, I would rather call it “To be True to those who Trusts me”.
4.Never get Angry : One thing I had learned from 2011 is that Anger hurts the one who shows it than the one on whom it was acted upon, and I don’t want to be hurt anymore. So from now on, whatever happens, I am going to be cool.
5.Read regularly : I had started reading novels only for the past two years, and I love reading them. It is nearly impossible for any human to stop doing something that is loved by him/her. So in 2012, I am taking an oath to read at least one novel per month, even if I am busy or I pretend to be, and in total 12 novels minimum.
That’s it for the year. Hopefully I could keep up my resolutions for the next 366 days, and continue them for lifetime. As I said in my first resolution, always stay tuned to hear more from me… :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Harry Potter and the End-Semester Exams...

“The Human Brain is the most outstanding organ. It works for 24 hours, 365 days, right from your birth, and suddenly stops at the moment you step in the Examination hall”. Engineers’ brains are exceptional. It never stops, even in the Exam hall, even when he/she blacks out, even when he/she dies, it works perfectly. They have the ability to understand a whole book just in six hours and in the Exam hall they accurately remember all the scenes from the movie they had seen previous night. And in my college, number of FB status a student posts increases exponentially with the semester they are studying. Starting from “tomo exams… scared…” to “exams at doorstep :) :P” to “exams… so bored of them…”, FB status messages vary drastically with semesters.
My Struggles with Exams started from 10th standard. Before then, I had never cared about them. I was sort of Who Care About Marks guy then. But fate, though I never believed in it, had changed my attitude towards Exams. My mom, working as a Junior Assistant then, got transferred to Tirunelveli, as it was a routine among the departments in Tamil Nadu. Leaving the Safe Haven of 9th standard, I stepped into the vulnerable zone. There came my saviour, my Bodh Gaya, the great St.Xavier’s Higher Secondary School. Every thing about this school was optimum to the core for my character, my attitude, whatever you call them. The Awesome 3 years of my life so far, 2005-2008,  is credited from SXHSS. With less than expected 10th standard results and feel free 11th standard followed by a motivated 12th standard reaped an all time highest total and a district rank for My School. And then everything changed…
“SSLC is important beta… study well” –> “Plus two is at doorstep… Start Studying” –> “Just one year… Study well and enter into a good college… then you can be free…”. –> “Beta… get some good CGPA. Once you get a job it will be all over” this is what you get from your parents, grand parents, relatives and whoever you call as well-wishers, from 10th standard till you get a job. I don’t know further as I have just crossed the ‘getting a job’ stage. In a country like India, in a state like Tamil Nadu, you entire knowledge is assessed through the marks and CGPAs you have got, although they do not have a drastic impact on your knowledge level or IQs. But still that is the fact. The worst part is the syllabus you are pondering over with. They will tell you to use your first spell directly against You-Know-Who and will motivate you as you have defeated him, without considering the fact that you don’t remember the spell and even you had forgotten Lumos. But it never changes…
There came the dilemma, Medicine or Engineering? Once the people knew that I had got some really worthy marks in HSE, their next question was “Medical right??” In my case all their predictions, expectations, plans had gone wrong. With loads of advices from school faculty, ideas from friends, and with the liberty of choosing my path, I fell into the Engineering cloud. It was kind of bottom to top idea for me – I selected the field and tried to shine rather than choosing the one I am familiar with. I had chosen Anna University as it was told the best Engineering Institution in Tamil Nadu. I had chosen Electronics and Communication as every other toppers I knew had chosen it. No issues till then… and came the twist in the tale. With lot of expectation from my family and from myself I wrote my first internal assessment, and my past performances in schools reflected in all the subjects except one – The One – Fundamentals of Computing. Till this moment, I do not know whether I had written that assessment correctly or not, but I knew how it goes here in my college for exams. From then my performance in examinations continued to decline and I never cared about them. I had just finished my pre-final semester exams, with watching one Harry Potter movie before each exam. In examination hall, when I take my pen, it looked like elder wand, compulsory questions  resembled the You-Know-Who with other questions as Horcruxes. Lots of Prof.Snape to invigilate the exams and so many Death Eaters as Squad. It was one hell of good imaginary experience to assign HP characters to real time Exams and it made them look more funny (I was caught up thrice for smiling during Exam :P). But the only fear in my heart is for Optical Communication, as it is more likely for me to get my first CUP in this paper. Any way, past is past and could never be changed, and let’s hope for a better result without any ‘U’ for me.
“We’ll See”, said the Zen Master…

Thursday, July 14, 2011

யாயும் ஞாயும் யாரா கியரோ
எந்தையும் நுந்தையும் எம்முறைக் கேளிர்
யானும் நீயும் எவ்வழி யறிதும்
செம்புலப் பெயனீர் போல
அன்புடை நெஞ்சம் தாங்கலந் தனவே.
                                  - செம்புலப்பெயனீரார்

யாயும் ஞாயும் யாராகியரோ நென்று நேர்ந்ததென்ன 
யானும் நீயும் எவ்வழி அறிதும் உறவு சேர்ந்ததென்ன
ஒரே ஒரு தீண்டல் செய்தாய் உயிர்க்கொடி பூத்ததென்ன 

செம்புலம் சேர்ந்த நீர்த்துளி போல்
அன்புடை நெஞ்சம் கலந்ததென்ன
                                                  - வைரமுத்து

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crowded Bus & Empty Hands

God created humans to help each other and live the life happily, and in that process after 2000 years, we have apparently failed. I have come through many self centered people as well as some generous people with helping tendency. But what I had experienced in my three hour journey in bus to home from Rameshwaram, was really sad and unbearable.
When I boarded the bus it was almost filled and I got an aisle seat. Crowd started rushing as the bus started, and among the crowd was a young lady with a child in hand. That nine month old baby started crying after half an hour, it longed for some air, its mother couldn't stop it from crying. Around her was a set of women sitting and no one came forward to atleast carry the child, the reason was more shocking, the child was a muslim. How could these women think about religion to carry a baby in hands? Aren't they all mothers? Then I asked her to give the child to me, she couldn't resist. After about five minutes that baby stopped crying as wind was gushing through the window. It started playing by holding up my fingers, I could feel the little warm hands tied around my fingers, it started sleeping with a smile on my lap. Does that baby know what religion it belong to? All it needed was a little hope of humanity. I got a little 'Nandri Thambi' from its mother as they left the bus. I was all left alone with empty hands, but happy heart...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

From Four to Six

I knew it is going to be longer one than any other posts that I have posted in my blog, when I thought of writing a summary post for Indian campaign in Cricket World Cup 2011. There were so many upsets, turn-downs, break-throughs throughout the tournament, and team India had tackled hard games and great pressures to reach finals and clinch the title after 28 years. It is the collective result of Cool Captaincy, Team Performance, Hard Experiences together. This Indian team is not so familiar, though they were still dependent on their batting, I could watch a more secure India, which comprised young Indians who can handle the home pressure and experienced men who can lead the team all through the tournament. They got compliments which they deserved from Ricky Ponting, Shahid Afridi and even Kumar Sangakkara after each knock-out games they had dodged and stormed in. I had been waiting for 43 days to make a binary post on CWC'11, and it is a 1 over 0 for me now. We will go from match 1...

'Bang'ing start
The tournament started with a flashy drive to boundary from the trusted Virender Sehwag against the Bangladesh. It was all blitzkrieg as it was the first revenge game for Team India against Bangladesh who smashed the world cup dreams in 2007. But the opponents were grit on chasing the huge target 371 and fell short of only 87 runs. Once again Indian bowling was poor I could say, which was recovered massively later in the tournament.

The 'Tie'
Second match for India was against the English, who were one of the predicted contenders India had faced. But the match was a zig-zag. It seemed to be in favor of either team in sharp moments. Much of turnarounds happened and the result was an achievement - a tie, and the credit goes to Zaheer and Shahzad.

Next two matches were against the Minnows Ireland and Netherlands, who performed well against the English, but failed to make an impression against the hosts as India won both matches by 5 wickets.

Lost match
It was against the mighty proteas the team India lost their tails and so nerves. Losing 9 wickets for 29 runs, after being in a position of 267-1 with Sachin on crease, is really horrible. They couldn't even make it to a 300 as Steyn stroke through the middle and tail, and stormed to a 5 wicket haul. 296 was a below par total for the South African batting line up but the match was lost by only three wickets and two balls left. Disappointed but not so much. Literally this loss helped as a booster to team India.

Strike back
Final group stage match was against Windies, and this was the first all bowling match of the tournament for team India. Chasing a total of 269 and being in a position of 154-2 will really put any opponent under immense pressure, but the young Indian Bowling attack with Ashwin and Zaheer from front dodged the dreams of West Indies to storm in to knock out with a smash, and it was team India which flashed into the knock-outs with a victory margin of 80.

Quarter Final
And the party began from here for India. They were to play against their old rivals of 2003 finals - the current champions then - Australia. Real domination of spin had begun. Ashwin was amazing throughout the game with 8 power play overs and the penultimate over, had just given an economy of 5.2 and taken 2 important wickets. Unlike the 2003 final, this time century of Ponting had gone in vain as the Yuvraj and Raina lead the team India to victory and it was all chaos for Ricky. During press meet he accepted India as a better team and favored it to win the semi-finals against Pakistan, who stopped the Australian winning streak earlier. Thus the Australians retired from the World Cup Domination after 12 years.

Semi Final - The Clash of Titans
It was the most awaited match than the final as India and Pakistan met in Mohali. This time it was not really a prestige game, but a pressure game. But the players from both the sides shown extreme game spirit, and Afridi, far better than what he had been as a youngster with tensions and emotions, had shown how a captain should behave. Once again it was India beat Pakistan in a World Cup match, but no more shout against the latter as they played extremely well and the only person blamed was Misbah who had been on crease for long time without scoring enough runs to match the Indians. In reality, India bowled well against him and he couldn't do much against the mightier.

Final - The Fairy Tale Ending
April 2, 2011 - the day which will be remembered the most. Indian President Devi Prathiba Patil and Sri Lankan President Rajapakse, Bollywood stars, Kollywood King Super Star Rajnikanth, Rahul Gandhi, and so on till the list ends' present at the New Wankhede Stadium was just like a Who's Who. Immense pressure on both sides. Srilanka had stormed in the finals with classy victories in group matches and knock-outs against England and New Zealand. Dilshan, Sangakkara, Tharanga, Malinga and the Champion Murali playing his last ODI made a powerful combination for the previous 43 days which literally gave no chance for the middle order to feel any pressure. Indian side had been playing all pressure games and their confidence lied on control over their play. No more reckoning first over from Zaheer, remarkable maiden indeed. Bowling three consecutive maidens and taking the wicket of a well established opener of the tournament was another pearl added to the mighty Zaheer's crown. But in the end of the innings it was all splattered over boundaries for the century maker Jayawardene and long shots from the finisher Perera. Sri Lankans all together got a much more defendable total of 274, which is also possible to be chased down. 

Indian innings started with a big collapse of Viru off the second ball of the innings, followed by Sachin's caught behind wicket. Then came the Kolkata nightmare pair, Gauti and Kohli who stabilized the innings, and Kohli departed of a flier catch from Dilshan. Captain Dhoni brings himself up in the order and gave a sensational partnership with Gautam, who departed 3 short of a glorious century. Finally Dhoni comes back to form and ended the tournament with a straight six. THE CUP WAS WON!!! CWC'11 started with a four of Sehwag, ended with a six from Dhoni.

Dhoni adjudged man of the match and Yuvraj Singh was given the Player of the Series award. Captain lifts the cup and the other team members carried the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar around the stadium with much joy. This little man really deserves to carry the World Cup and the Cup itself deserves to be carried by Sachin. The big Indians refuse to be beaten and shown their extreme ability and nerves to clinch the Cup. The greatest moment was when the fans could see their favorites weep - Tears of joy around Wankhede - fantasy ending as a fairy tale. 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nadunisi Naaygal (film)

It really needs a lot guts to take A movie like this in Tamizh, although it looks like a slight remake thing of Sivappu Rojakkal by Bharathi Raja. From the beginning of the movie to the end of the end titles, we can be sure, Gautham Menon did not expect any more than once watching audience and just stood on the message he wanted to convey them. Excellent cinematography with coherent story and screenplay, lack of music and songs are totally faded out. I am really happy that I watched this on the very first day of its release.
The whole plot is very simple as I can tell in three sentences - Sex abused boy, Multiple Personality Disorder, Cold Blooded Murderer. Veera Bahu - the new comer - old Assistant Director - has acted beyond his level, while Sameera Reddy has acted far better than her previous two tamizh movies. Editing by Kaaka Kaaka Anthony and cinematography by Eeram Manoj Paramahamsa has added spice to the movie flow.
Apart from the positive factors told above, this movie can be said as a mixture of Sivappu Rojakkal and Tell Me Your Dreams. Child abuse thing by Veera's own father, three personalities MPD, Murder during sex, etc., brings the pictures of Sidney Sheldon's TMYD, while the Lonely House, Dogs, Security Gate, Last sequence police and documentary like end make me remember the Sivappu Rojakkal. Gautham is far improved, instead of just copying one story as other directors do, he has blended two to make his own remark.
In total I can give 5/5 for both cinematography and editing, 4/5 for Veera, 3/5 for Sameera, 2.5/5 for the movie and 2 for my ex-fav Gautham.. :(

Saturday, February 5, 2011



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just want to be Alone...

I was there, just watching
       forgotten pasts...
I was there, just dreaming
       drowned futures...
For the broken heart you gave me
       Leave me alone...
For the dainty dreams I had seen
       Love me one more time...
Just want to be alone - with You.