Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nadunisi Naaygal (film)

It really needs a lot guts to take A movie like this in Tamizh, although it looks like a slight remake thing of Sivappu Rojakkal by Bharathi Raja. From the beginning of the movie to the end of the end titles, we can be sure, Gautham Menon did not expect any more than once watching audience and just stood on the message he wanted to convey them. Excellent cinematography with coherent story and screenplay, lack of music and songs are totally faded out. I am really happy that I watched this on the very first day of its release.
The whole plot is very simple as I can tell in three sentences - Sex abused boy, Multiple Personality Disorder, Cold Blooded Murderer. Veera Bahu - the new comer - old Assistant Director - has acted beyond his level, while Sameera Reddy has acted far better than her previous two tamizh movies. Editing by Kaaka Kaaka Anthony and cinematography by Eeram Manoj Paramahamsa has added spice to the movie flow.
Apart from the positive factors told above, this movie can be said as a mixture of Sivappu Rojakkal and Tell Me Your Dreams. Child abuse thing by Veera's own father, three personalities MPD, Murder during sex, etc., brings the pictures of Sidney Sheldon's TMYD, while the Lonely House, Dogs, Security Gate, Last sequence police and documentary like end make me remember the Sivappu Rojakkal. Gautham is far improved, instead of just copying one story as other directors do, he has blended two to make his own remark.
In total I can give 5/5 for both cinematography and editing, 4/5 for Veera, 3/5 for Sameera, 2.5/5 for the movie and 2 for my ex-fav Gautham.. :(


  1. Why has he become an ex-fav? You yourself said that it takes a lot of guts to take such a movie. And he has not shown anything that doesn't exist in the society today. Therefore, he needed more guts than you can ever imagine, to have taken and released such a movie.

    I have not seen the movie so I cannot comment. Neither is Gautham Menon my fav director. But I am glad he took such a movie. People cannot remain ignorant about the existence of such mentally disturbed men and women in our society. Probably the lesson we can learn from the movie is to make sure that kids are treated early in life so as to prevent such mental disturbances from getting out of hand.

    Moreover, if such movies came out in the Western countries, we are prone to accept it. But for ourselves, we always pinpoint the culture. I can tell you for sure, that there have been even more revolting stories in our Puranas and Itihasas (our Hindu scriptures). If it had happened back then, then just imagine today. It is best to show on screen what is really happening than just plain fantasy stories, in my opinion.


  2. @priya: first of all I want to make myself clear that I never stated that Gautham has shown something that doesn't exist in the society, and he is always good in conveying his message. But as a Gautham fan I felt that this movie lacks his impact in it. Wherever I look I could only feel Sidney Sheldon and Sivappu Rojakkal and not the Gautham effect I had felt in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu and Vaaranam Aayiram. Thats why I called him my ex-fav only for this movie and I hope he will soon take some movie with his own blend that doesn't disappoint his die-hard fans...