Wednesday, February 24, 2010


They were waiting for this day... From January 5, 1971 and at last their dreams have become true in the 2961-st ODI match... Master strikes the first-ever ODI double ton at Gwalior.
After crossing 190 mark with 5 overs left, he just faced 9 balls to make this historical moment. They varied their bowling length from Helmet high short deliveries to Knee high full toss but all in vain. He just drove them out of the rope either touching the grass or flying in air. This time he has shown the youngsters how to play a one-day innings. Starting with 1-0 in 1 over, he made India reach 401-3 with 25 classic fours and 4 big sixes scoring 83 off the last 47 balls he faced. He got almost 60 percent of his runs from boundaries.
Two century partnerships, with Karthick and Dhoni, may look small when comparing to his score but played a vital role in making this record easy for him. He passed through Kapil Dev and then his own record, then through Kristen's 188, Jayasuriya's 189, Anwar's 194, Coventry's 194* and at the end reached 200 in the last over of the innings. Interesting fact about this record is that this is the same day when he made a 664 run partnership with Vinod Kambli which was a world record then.

New Records today:
  1. Sachin - First man to hit a 200 in ODI cricket
  2. Sachin - Top scorer of ODI cricket (200*)
  3. Sachin - Most fours in an innings (25 fours)
  4. Sachin - Most runs against South Africa (1859 runs)
  5. India - Most 400 knocks (3 times)
Later in the match Indian bowlers didn't let the proteas to make the Historical 434 chase again. Pacers collapsed the top order. A B de Villiers lasted till the end with a consolidation century.
India retained its second position in One Day Internationals...
India Rocks...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Dark Night Dream

It was dark and deep, I was looking for the Light,
Could I find the One?? No, but Why??
I think I am looking for the wrong one at this cold night,
I went down it, for nothing but to cry.

It was dark and deep, I was looking for the One,
Could I find the Clue?? No, but Why??
The sky was blue and I saw the rising Sun,
It told to me just to make a try.

It was dark and deep, I was looking for the Clue,
Could I find the Truth?? No, but Why??
I saw the Sun, thought I'm not in blue,
It told me nothing but an ecstatic lie.

It was dark and deep, I was looking for the Truth,
Could I find the Light?? No, but Why??
It all came to the end, I woke up from dream,
Oh dear, my search ended in a tie.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010


It is not that easy for a cricket team to come back immediately after a great defeat, but it was not that hard for the Indian Team today. This time it is Harbhajan Singh, who broke the 76 minutes last-wicket partnership between Hashim Amla and Morne Morkel with his killer slider to the left hander, helped India to retain No.1 spot. Later he said, "we wanted to be at the top of the table; we know we have the players to keep being No.1". Yes, India have them, especially Kolkata Masters Laxman and Harbhajan.
Proteas were on song till the end of second session of Day 1. Once after tea, it was Indian bowlers taking over the control. Once again it was Eden Gardens turnaround. After dismissing the opponents to 296, Indian batsmen turned the key towards them. Four excellent centuries from Sehwag, Sachin, Laxman and Dhoni provided a first innings lead of 347 runs. Third innings was badly affected by rain and bad light. Weather condition and Zaheer's injury made India's victory doubtful. They had to take seven wickets in the final day. Wickets started falling in one end and the other was it was Hashim Amla extended the innings. Parnell and Morkel gave him company to get yet another century. At last (just 2 overs were remaining) it was Harbhajan once again to slide the ball on Morne's front pad for LBW... India drawn the series and retained its No.1 spot... with only 9 mandatory balls left...
Amla was awarded Man of the Match and Man of the Series for his excellent centuries.
Harbhajan became the top wicket taker at Eden and Laxman crossed 1000 runs mark here. Hats off to both Eden Kings....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


From 14th February to 17th February, College of Engineering, Guindy gave us 4 days of full entertainment. Though it was not much entertaining as last year, this Techofes had some catchy moments as well.

Day 1:
It was Aayirathil Oruvan day. We had Director Selvaraghavan as Inauguration Guest and we got a great show with his movie AO. Though I watched it before, I couldn't miss OAT enjoyment with hundreds of college students.

Day 2:
Concert from Singer Kaarthick. From song selection to presentation, everything made us to sing with him. Anjala song was amazing... 2 hours was not enough for us...

Day 3:
Most memorable day of this Techofes for me. Light Music brought out young talent. SRM Easwari's En Kaadalae song was breathtaking. Benny Dayal gave some outstanding songs for us. Best part of this evening was the Variety Show. MIT's AIDS awareness play, Pachaiyappa arts' Save Our Tigers play, Crescent's Titanic and Kannagi shows and Jayaram Enngineering College's Srilankan Tamilan play were really amazing and creative. Hats off to them all....

Day 4:
Lollu Express was superb, especially Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu spoof and Ayirathil Oruvan spoof. Choreo Nite was not much effective as last year. Nice classical dance from HANS club. Nothing more was special. We got bored and went back to room.

This time Techofes has shown its effectiveness in bringing out young talent. Promo videos were superb - especially Green Brigade Promo... It was really a ROSTRUMS RENAISSANCE...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tamizh Padam (film)

'First full spoof in Tamil, other than that nothing is there' this is what we thought before watching the movie. I watched this movie in Saidai Raj on Saturday 6.45 pm show with three of my friends.
Movie starts in a village where boy children were killed using Cactus milk like in Karuthamma. Reason for this leads to Naattaamai spoof. But the kid says to his granny to put him in Goods train as in Thalapathy - even new born kid knows that a goods train from village will reach Chennai in Tamil movies. Then his granny brings the kid to chennai. There his friends Siddarth, Nakul and Bharath help him to succeed in his love - Boys. In the mean time he kills some rowdies in different manners - Anniyan style and Aboorva Sagotharargal contraption and using his Unwashed Socks. Later he is revealed as a Police Officer like Pokkiri. He finds out the underworld Boss and gets promoted as DGP.
Though this movie has no unique story, it has some unforgettable spoof scenes...
Thalapathy hospital scene, Mouna Raagam library scene, Shivaji spoof and the Kathalukku Mariyathai scenes are awesome. Riding the cycle to grow, Hero becoming rich in one song are among those criticising reality lacking Tamil movies. When Chennai Central is shown one man says Chennai has many other landmarks to be shown. That thing is amazing. Among the songs 'Omagazeeya' is excellent - one of the best spoofs of the movie.
Watchable movie with friends...

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I don't have Triskaidekaphobia - I am not superstitious about 13... In fact today - Feb 13th is one of the most enjoyed days of this semester for me.

  1. My first assessment got over. I've done my Control Systems assessment well, not like the other five....
  2. After one week I could get a chance for a noon nap...
  3. After a long gap with stress storming 4th semester books - especially Computer Architecture - I went out for a good movie - Tamil Padam...
These may sound silly. But these are the only happy moments I could get being alone, far away from parents' care, silly fights with sister, never-ending chats with friends.... I miss them all....
I miss my school life, I miss my childhood, I miss my hometown... But Life isn't Easy...
For all those who care for me and whom I care, I wish you Happy Valentine's Day...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Khan wants Justice...

It is really saddening that "My Name Is Khan" is running under so much controversies just because one actor expressed his own ideas in this free India. Don't you think this is injustice? Don't a celebrity have his own freedom of thoughts?? Even if anybody doesn't agree with his ideas, why can't it just be settled with SRK and not with his movies. MNIK has lost almost 45crores as a result of this unnecessary controversy. SRK himself feels that the Shiv Sena should talk to him personally without troubling others. Meanwhile movie director Karan Johar had met the Mumbai Police Commissioner to get assurance for Security at Mumbai theatres. But it was reported within hours Sena has attacked some of the theatres. Are they all needed?? Think... If you agree with me, just go and watch the movie and put full stop to the bogey menaces... I'm already having my ticket...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dreams Never Sleep

My eyes were closed, not my mind...
It said it's the time to wake my dreams up,
So I did...
I knew, It never slept to be awaken up,
But I tried and tried and tried...
Not to wake it up but to make it up to wake me up...
Why?? Am I in deep sleep?? - Yes,
My eyes were closed, not my mind...
It's time to wake my dreams up,
So I woke up...
For my Sleepless Dreams...
"Dreams Never Sleep"