Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crowded Bus & Empty Hands

God created humans to help each other and live the life happily, and in that process after 2000 years, we have apparently failed. I have come through many self centered people as well as some generous people with helping tendency. But what I had experienced in my three hour journey in bus to home from Rameshwaram, was really sad and unbearable.
When I boarded the bus it was almost filled and I got an aisle seat. Crowd started rushing as the bus started, and among the crowd was a young lady with a child in hand. That nine month old baby started crying after half an hour, it longed for some air, its mother couldn't stop it from crying. Around her was a set of women sitting and no one came forward to atleast carry the child, the reason was more shocking, the child was a muslim. How could these women think about religion to carry a baby in hands? Aren't they all mothers? Then I asked her to give the child to me, she couldn't resist. After about five minutes that baby stopped crying as wind was gushing through the window. It started playing by holding up my fingers, I could feel the little warm hands tied around my fingers, it started sleeping with a smile on my lap. Does that baby know what religion it belong to? All it needed was a little hope of humanity. I got a little 'Nandri Thambi' from its mother as they left the bus. I was all left alone with empty hands, but happy heart...