Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tamizh Padam (film)

'First full spoof in Tamil, other than that nothing is there' this is what we thought before watching the movie. I watched this movie in Saidai Raj on Saturday 6.45 pm show with three of my friends.
Movie starts in a village where boy children were killed using Cactus milk like in Karuthamma. Reason for this leads to Naattaamai spoof. But the kid says to his granny to put him in Goods train as in Thalapathy - even new born kid knows that a goods train from village will reach Chennai in Tamil movies. Then his granny brings the kid to chennai. There his friends Siddarth, Nakul and Bharath help him to succeed in his love - Boys. In the mean time he kills some rowdies in different manners - Anniyan style and Aboorva Sagotharargal contraption and using his Unwashed Socks. Later he is revealed as a Police Officer like Pokkiri. He finds out the underworld Boss and gets promoted as DGP.
Though this movie has no unique story, it has some unforgettable spoof scenes...
Thalapathy hospital scene, Mouna Raagam library scene, Shivaji spoof and the Kathalukku Mariyathai scenes are awesome. Riding the cycle to grow, Hero becoming rich in one song are among those criticising reality lacking Tamil movies. When Chennai Central is shown one man says Chennai has many other landmarks to be shown. That thing is amazing. Among the songs 'Omagazeeya' is excellent - one of the best spoofs of the movie.
Watchable movie with friends...

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  1. I expect more spoofs to come in next few years.. Spoofs r healthy for any particular art to develop.. I do believe tat these spoofs ll be more helpful for tamil movies to reach its next step..