Thursday, November 19, 2009

Qian Hongyan

You might wonder how human spirit is at its maximum, when you just read Qian's story. Qian Hongyan was only 3 years old when she met that tragic accident which resulted in amputating her legs to ensure her survival. Her family was not able to afford modern prosthetics and instead used half a basketball to move. Once on the ball she uses two wooden props to help her move around. This little chinese girl used to attend her classes with basketball and one special thing about her is she always smiles...

She has inspired millions over the world recently with the ambition to compete as a swimmer in 2012 paralympics. Qian swims about 2000 meters a day and trains really hard.“Qian Hongyan studies hard. She never grouches in training although she was confronted with many difficulties at the beginning, ” her coach said. She has got a pair of prosthetic legs but still says she likes to use the basketball from time to time as it is easier for her to get in and out of the pool with.

With her ambition she shows the world the strength of positive thoughts and the message her life gives us is BE GRATEFUL WITH WHAT WE HAVE...


  1. Your cover edit about Qian Hongyan is excellent... Human beings are gifted with problems as well as solutions... Those who uses the solutions well can come up and survive while the others stay down, blaming their destiny or God..

    The confidence and optimism of the child and their family is an outstanding example of all human beings... Life is 10% how we make and 90% how we take... So be grateful with wat we have and use this life given by God kindful and with love...

  2. Good post da, very inspiring indeed. That she's able to smile in a world where people with all organs intact keep worrying most of the time is a testament to her grit. Cheers, Qian!

  3. seeing this gives me a greater confidence in life....Very great frind....keep it up