Monday, August 31, 2009

Alexey Maresyev - the Real Man

You might have not heard about this name - Alexey Maresyev -, but once you know his lifestory and self-confidence, you will say "Yeah, He is a REAL MAN".

Alexey was born in Kamyshin in 1916, began his flights as a fighter pilot in 1941. He shot down two German Aircrafts, though he was caught by Nazi Germany. Later escaping from the Prussians he crawled back to a Soviet village. Due to heavy injury 'both his legs' had to be amputated below his knees. All his friends thought his career as a pilot had become to end. But there comes the twist in his life.... Being more confident and using the help from friends he practiced to walk, run and even dance with his prosthetic wooden legs. Returning back to flying in 1943, he started his count with three German 'FW-190'-the most trusted German Flights. In total he completed 86 combat flights and downed 11 war planes.

Later he was awarded with the Order of Lenin, Order of October Revolution, Order of Red Star and the highest military declaration of USSR-"Hero of the Soviet Union".

Yes, it is cent percent correct to call him as a REAL MAN, as by the great Soviet writer Boris Polevoy.

A Real Man is the one who never fears about the past failures and future troubles. He lives the present with the effort as much as he can give. Of course I too want to be a Real Man.

Choosing role model is the one helping to get improved both in thoughts and actions. I've chosen Alexey as mine after reading his confident nature.

"I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn't fall down"
-Allen H. Neuharth

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  1. Alexey Maresyev.... One amongst the people who fighted with their destiny and rewritten their past failure story with excellent winning future and made a new history..

    Had he not been caught by Nazi Germany and his legs were not been amputated, he would be just a man with victory in tat war alone.. But he had taken his loss as gain, he worked to change his weakness into strength, and created history..

    Life is completely how we take.. Its not that we are not given.. Everyone is given everything.. Those who deserve, taste the fruits of life..