Thursday, December 31, 2009


It is time to recall what happened this year as today is the last day of last month of this year...This year rewritten histories in all fields - Cinema, Sports, Science, Politics etc. Let's look back why we won't be able forget this year...

Cinema 09 first take us to think about "Jai Ho", A R Rahman becoming the first Indian to get an Oscar. Tamil Cineworld lost a good actor Nagesh. Some wonderful movies like Kancheevaram, 2012 came into views. In sports Sachin stepped into his 20th year in International Cricket, Some splendid innings by Sehwag making India No.1 in Test Cricket, Usain Bolt proving himself as the fastest man again crossing 200 metres in 19.19 seconds, Pakistan lifting up T20 World Cup, were amazing. This year India got its first Nobel Prize in Chemistry with the research on ribosomes by Venkataraman Ramakrishnan.
Barack Obama became the first Black to become US president rewritten White House History.
This year gave us some bitter experiences too. M J 's death made the whole pop world dip in tears. Andra Pradesh politics became worst with the death of YSR and the burning Telengana issue. Sri Lanka's act upon the Tamils and LTTE made the world turn to the little island.
Anyway this year gave me a lot personal experiences which are mostly good ones... Bid adieu to 2009... Welcome 2010...
Wish you Happy New Year friends...

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