Thursday, June 11, 2009

Racism in Australia - a sorry state

Saurabh Sharma, a 21 year old Indian Student, was the first man attacked by Australian Racists... Sourabh says the group that beat him shouted slogans demanding that Indian students should go home.

The very first reason for the students to study in abroad is concerned with popularity of the institutions and the very first reason for them to select certain country is demanded by the safety. Most of the Indians have Russia, UK, USA and Australia as their higher studies choice but now Racists have made Aus as an unsafety nation to students.

Affected Saurabh still says"They were still bashing me even after taking all the stuff. The way they were bashing me was cruel". Indian community leaders believe they are race based attacks and they say that over the past 12 months over 70 Indians have been assaulted in Melbourne.
"It's not limited to students even middle-aged people have been bashed, couples have been bashed, girls have been bashed," said Indian community spokesperson Nitin Gupta.
These brutalities should not be seeded in young minds. For that all the Aussies who are against Racism should join with the Indian to stop Racism in Australia and make it as a country known for safety to the foreigners...

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