Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lessons learnt...

It has been a year and half since I started to prepare for Civil Services Examination, and I am in mid way through my first attempt. In this one and half years time, I have understood a few things which I would like to share in this post.
  1. Preparing for Civil Services Exam itself is a worthwhile activity. It provides a different perspective on the events happening around us. Such a new perspective to view the problems wouldn't have been possible if at all I did not take up civil service as my career option. For this I thank all my well wishers who encouraged me taking up this track.
  2. There is much to learn. Our knowledge is very limited even in the fields we perceive to be strong with. But very few people really accept this fact. When a person understands and accepts the knowledge he/she possess is incomplete, that person succeeds.
  3. There are not shortcuts. Hard work and dedication are the necessary criteria for success. With proper guidance, any person working hard and dedicated to do service can get through the process and become a civil servant.
  4. Life would see many ups and downs. In all the situations a person needs to maintain consistency. A person who is consistent in thoughts, talks and deeds can become whoever he or she wants to be.
  5. Staying positive even when everything goes wrong. Such positive attitude is the very basis of consistency.
  6. Every human is respectable. Their status or position does not really matter. Each person is a constituent of the society, so be duly respected.
  7. No information is trivial. Everything we come across has its own impact on our surrounding. It is important that a human understands this truth and weighs all the data equally.
These may look simple things. But in the past few months I have experienced the importance of above said statements. I hope this helps other aspirants who read it.

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