Saturday, November 10, 2012

When Plan B turns into Plan A

Back after a long gap, to explain the nihility of posts in this venturous blog, I’m back after a long gap. In fact, I was well aware that I am maintaining a blog here, and I had taken an oath this year to post at least thrice a month. But nothing is certain in life, and that’s what keeps the life alive. Enough for the prologue, let’s get into the subject.
Lastly I scribbled here on April 20, 2012, as the post below states. Just in a weeks time from then, my Final End Semester Exams at College of Engineering, Guindy had started, and in a flash it got over, ending my relationship as a student with the prestigious campus. Still I stayed there for few more days, registering evergreen moments in my memory. Though I had been through this stuff all my life – making friends and leaving them just like that – it was entirely different experience. For the first time I had passed something called “The Slam Book”, and got loads of preserved memories written. It was the only time I could see even the tough guys cry. Then came the D-Day, May 13, 2012. There is a term in Tamil that defines both sadness of leaving and attachment to someone in one sentence – piriyavidai. Being sent off from The Safe Haven by bricks of buildings, barks of trees and a few lovely juniors, I reached my hometown the very next day.
Then started the talk. So many relatives, well-wishers and claimed to be friends, who had never cared what I had been doing these 20 years, started asking the usual chain of queries – “finished engineering?” -> “what next?” -> “selected in campus?” -> “which company?” -> “good company?” -> “joining date?”. Hell with Social Protocol, I answered all these each time patiently. But one thing was well said by all these people – “this is the only time you could enjoy… don’t miss it…”, and I didn’t want to. Starting from Paramakudi, first went to my city Palayamkottai. If getting together with old friends is one thing, going back to the old days is the other. The same old VOC ground, galli cricket and galli cricket with kids, mushroom fry at road side paani poori shop, midnight walks, pointless talks, temple roof, movies, marriage functions (both invited and uninvited ;) ), food etc., the list never ends. Despite the hapless failure of Kodaikanal plan, other outings – to Tirupur, Salem, Tirunelveli, Tiruchendur, Madurai – went well, and the retreat call came from home. It was lonely Paramakudi days again.
So what about the title?! I had two plans about my career. They were not exactly two different plans, but two phases of a single plan. Phase A: Work for one year; Phase B: Resign and prepare for Civil Services Examinations and become an administrative official of India. Then came this mail from the reputed company which had recruited me, stating my joining date has been postponed indefinitely and the exact date will be informed on October. There is a famous saying in the book The Alchemist, “When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”. I don’t know whether it is this Global Economic Slowdown which is a possible explanation for postponement or simply my Instinct which made up my mind to take the risk, it took just three hours to decide not to take the offer and go on with Phase B. Thus that three hours on June 20, had turned the Phase B into my Plan A.
Going with Plan A, here I am, in an apartment in Anna Nagar, Chennai, writing this post. Two month for settling in a permanent address here and two more month for setting up in the race, my delayed update is justified, I hope. You may wonder, if something is named as Plan A, shouldn’t there be some other Plan with different alphabet? In my case, sorry to disappoint, there is none. So, when Plan B turns into Plan A, Plan A must be a success :)

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