Sunday, June 27, 2010

Super Heroes...

'They cover their face with mask and never show them in public' - this is the unwritten theory and basic characteristic of every super heroes like Superman, Spiderman, Batman...etc. But they are all fictitious characters. What if we could see one of those in our real life - showing different face in different occasions, can we??. Knowingly or unknowingly we are living with these kind of super heroes in day to day life. Yes, it is simple truth that we can consider every single living being with the existence of sixth sense in this earth, precisely the human beings, are super heroes. Difference is that they do not wear mask to cover up their real face but they simply talk - usually backbite - and not every human works for humanity like super heroes. 

We have seen some good people who don't want to show their face and working for social enlightment. We have seen ashrams which are adopted by unknown faces. We have seen some nicknamed writers like Kalki, Sujatha who never wanted to boast their names in public. But being in the same society we can observe these unknown ideal souls are no longer exist in today's selfish world. Selfishness has become the earth's identity which was once patience. We work for ourselves and we live for ourselves. I don't say it is wrong to be living for one's own happiness, but it should never interfere others' life not even through words. To be like a human, we should learn to be true to our conscience. If we can't be true to ourself, how is it possible to be true to the society?, how is it possible to be a human?, how is it possible to tear off the mask?. 

So friends, stop showing off if you were and be true to your conscience, let's make the world a better place for humanity. Be a Super Human.

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