Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Days 3 Novels...

It is really difficult to be alone during holidays, I prefer to do the difficult things to the easier ones... From 15th May to 15th June, it has been one month since I left college. During these days all I have done is sleeping well, watching movies, 15 minutes per day to learn four-wheeler driving - the only useful thing I think, and sleeping again. To avoid these tireless sleep I had decided to read Novels and I did. 3 Novels in 5 Days - actually 5 and a half - was not hard as they were written by great writers and as two of them were in Tamil.

Started with Digital Fortress - I agree it is too late to read this one but the later two i am going to say are far too late - had given a good techno-thrilling experience and was finished in almost one day. Then I decided to read 'Ponniyin Selvan' written by Kalki. I agree it is really one of the best Tamil historic novels and it will ever be. Every word had it's own meaning and I was dragged back deep in time. It is almost 'Live in and feel It' type. 5 volumes of imaginary facts... Inspired by Kalki I read another one of his historic novels 'Parthiban Kanavu'. It looked like a continuity of 'Sivagamiyin Sapatham'. He had almost done research in Pallava dynasty. He made them more twisty and drifty. They are more like stories than histories...

I am bored of reading... What to do now??? Oh!! thank God, I've got some work in designing poster for Kurukshetra 2011...(I'll explain about that in my next post... till then WAIT!!!)


  1. machi... u forget to mention tat u got d poster work thru me :P :P lolz.. also tat u initially scolded me for getting tat work to u.. :P :P

  2. actually i was terribly disappointed when i got to design poster.. but then it was cool... I should really thank u(vallab) for getting me out from boring hols....

  3. @arun~ cool.. i know u can do it.. atleast i m good at finding who s capable in wat craps though i m master of none :P