Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paiyaa (film)

5 Songs + 6 Fights + 1 Car = "Paiyaa"
This time we entered the theatre with less expectations as we had already got comments from my friends. I went to Paiyaa mainly for Karthi and Yuvan, both have done their jobs well.
Karthi comes as "Shiva" - an unemployed ECE engineer searching for job in Bangalore with the help of his friends. He falls in love at first sight with "Charu"(Thamannah). Shiva goes to railway station to pick up his friend where he sees Charu with a man. That man thinks Shiva as a Taxi driver and he gets a chance to take her to Chennai. Later he knows about her uninterested marriage arrangement at Chennai and helps her escape from it by taking her to Mumbai. A villain gang set by her step mother chases them. First half is enjoyable with Karthi's funny dialogues and expressions. Second half starts with Shiva's flashback explaining his clash with Milind Soman. Whether Shiva safeguarded Charu and handed over her to her grandma and whether they escaped from respective chasing groups is the rest of the story.
All the five songs with Yuvan's music are amazing, especially "En Kaathal Solla Naeram Illai..." song is mindboggling. Tamannah has acted well and her expressions are improved much from Ayan and Anandha Thandavam. In this movie Karthi hums his brother's "Oru Maalai Ilaveyil Naeram" and his father's "En Kanmani Un Kaadhali" like tributes to them. Picturisation of Songs is really nice.
How could Charu and the man with her think a man with Mitsubishi Lancer as a Taxi driver?? Both Charu's step mother and Shiva's father were not shown and only could be heard. Milind Soman comes in only four scenes. I don't say fight scenes should be realistic but they could have avoided it being over-dramatic. Madhi's cinematography is the only convincing thing for eyes.
Paiyaa - a one time watchable entertainer...

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