Saturday, January 17, 2015

I (film)

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A little too much predictable, revenge romantic thriller, shockingly from the magnanimous Shankar. Fortunately he is saved from humiliation by Vikram's performance, Rahman's music and Sreeram's camera. In both romance and thrill departments, the plot is flat. A Mister India aspirant body builder Lingesan (Vikram) has a huge crush on supermodel Diya (Amy Jackson). Lingesan becomes Lee, as he gets a chance to act in advertisements with Diya. As time passes they fall in love and emerge as a successful pair in modelling. In the meantime, five persons - a bodybuilder, a model, a stylist, a businessman and a secret villain - who were affected by the skills and honesty of Lee, use the 'I' virus to deform his appearance and destroy his future. The story moves on as to how the hunchback Lingesan takes his revenge and unite with the love of his life Diya.

Chiyaan Vikram is the saviour. His physical and emotional transformations, from Lingeswaran to Lee to Hunchback, are commendable and even a level ahead of his multi-role performance in Anniyan. Make-up work for the hunchback and the beast song adds score to his acting efforts. Kudos to WETA. Chinese gardens in P.C.Sreeram's camera and A.R.Rahman's music, are a treat for eyes and ears, certainly a wholesome experience.

Though she is best suited for a role as a model, at times Amy Jackson's portrayal is emotionless and void of romance. Clearly there was no chemistry present between Amy and Vikram. Thanks to Shankar, this negativity was eclipsed by the mediocre screenplay. Unlike his previous blockbusters, no dialogue has the electrifying effect, no scene is memorable. A terrible disappointment.
Verdict: Shankar made an Exodus in I.

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