Thursday, March 15, 2012

The lady who Lived

She was born in a rich family with Three Brothers and Six Sisters (as far as I know there were Three Brothers and Six Sisters in that family), ninety years ago. The then Sourashtrian society had clusters of male chauvinists and very few women who fought for their rights. But this woman, neither fought against the male dominant society nor despised it for its ignorance. She survived all kind of difficulties a woman can. Firstly the great culture of Child Marriage had ruined her Education, then Tuberculosis killed her husband just after a few years of marriage leaving her in solitude with a toddling little girl child. As usual, as in old days, brothers betrayed their sisters for ancestral properties. Despite being denied even a single penny from her brothers and being isolated as a young widow, she never lost Hope and Determination. She was left alone all the time, but she never let herself lose her self respect from others. She just adjusted herself with the people around her to survive for almost 90 years to witness the transforms in and around the society, to nurture her grand children and great grand children as good citizens to the country (she might have never known what she was doing then). She never lived her life for herself. She is my Great Grandmother, Vijayalakshmi, who had just passed away this Tuesday (13.03.2012). I am happy that she no longer has to suffer the pain of paralysis which attacked her ten years ago. I am happy that I had the chance to look at her face one last time. I do still remember what she told me when I left for Chennai for higher studies, “Go wherever you want to, but be the son of Sridharan always. Never let anything change you. You will be successful”, and I want to tell her that I have kept my word till date. Rest In Peace my dear Aathamma

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