Sunday, September 26, 2010

What works for Me???

Someone told us it is a personality development programme, someone told us it is to know how to use your basic senses in an effective manner. I didn't refer any wiki sites to know what it is, that gives a definition as 'NLP is a controversial approach to psychotherapy.....', which might have stopped me from gaining an wonderful opportunity to know how do I communicate with others.

It was a Volunteer Value Addition Programme organised for Students Quality Club volunteers by one of our seniors, Mr.Vivek. This full day foundation workshop on Neuro Linguistic Programme was conducted well by Mr.Ramesh Prasad, a NLP trainer. He made us speak. He made us ask questions and answer for them by which we could analyse ourselves and could gain self awareness. It personally gave me a better view on how to communicate professionally, how to make my listener to have a better idea about me. I learnt a lot. Thank you vivek anna..., thank you Ramesh...:)
We - presenting a momento to Mr.Ramesh

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