Sunday, July 11, 2010

What makes us live???

'Salvation lies within', these are the words Bob Gunton says to Tim Robbins holding The Holy Bible across the bars in Shawshank Redemption. It is not that the verses in Holy Books leading us to live out the life, but the hope we have upon them. It is the trust on things that makes us live. The first breath we took, first step we walked, first scribbles of us, in every other first things we had done involves trust. But which makes us much pessimistic on trust is negative thoughts. When we feel the present insecure and hard, we imagine a future that is even more tailsome and exhausting. According to the Law of Attraction as in the Secret film, it is our thoughts that makes our life. When we think of getting lost in a chaos, we are. Instead of thinking in a pessimist's way, we can imagine a harmless, joyous future which makes us feel better so it makes us better. One may ask 'what is in imagining about pleasant future  when we are a grave helpless?'. The answer is a simple question as Morpheus says in The Matrix 'What is Reality?'. If we think what we see, feel, hear is real, it is true that reality is just the electrical signals pass from neuron to human brain. Thus brain fools us about the outer world with its own rules. Your imagination should never make you feel you as little grain of sand in the Universe, it should make you feel the whole Universe is hanging in your hand cups. Now just close your palms and look into the dark space available between them. You can just feel like holding the whole Universe inside. That's the power of imagination. It doesn't mean the thoughts cheat you, but they help you to unveil the secret of living. The Universe always tell you the truth "your wishes might come true". Optimism can make you to the top, without making you feel like climbing up. It is not that the seed under the ground fights the sand to grow. It just trusts that the gravity will pull down the sand grains surrounding it, and so it happens.
Be hopeful, Think positive & Live the life...

'While there’s life, there’s hope'
-Marcus Tullius Cicero 

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